What's with our name? Well, TK is journalism jargon for "to come." When an editor sees a TK in a draft, it means an element is missing. Our name is a reaction to a lot of marketing materials we see. Beautiful? Sure. But hollow—because the entire story is TK. We take a different approach. With us, the story always comes first.

Here's a bit more about how we do what we do.

Our storytelling philosophy

It’s become fashionable for marketers to tout the power of storytelling. But storytelling is a departure from the status quo for most marketing departments—and it’s a lot of work. A great commercial can be dreamed up at a conference table. Clever taglines can emerge from a caffeine-fueled flurry. But the most powerful stories require discovery, refinement and translation. Storytelling still takes imagination. But it also needs research, curiosity and and an ability to connect the dots.

How important is design?

Design is baked into our story discovery process from the beginning. By sending our designers into the field, we’re able to create visual identities, logos, infographics, and photography that are rooted in the truth and that resonate with the stories we create. We’re not a cookie-cutter shop that turns out iterations on a theme for several clients. Our first priority is to learn about our clients’ businesses, their products, and the unique impact they’re having on the world. Then we customize our designs to generate to maximum effect.  

What drives us?

Optimism, for starters. We're drawn to solutions over problems. We think the most surprising, powerful stories are found in complexity. We’re way more into the power of networks than the refreshing taste of sugar water...and we have a soft spot for businesses that are hell-bent on changing the world. Heck, we talk about the power of machine learning and data analytics even when we’re not on the clock. That’s because we’re inveterately curious. We’re drawn to progress. We love to learn. We’re geeks. 

Where do we fit in?

A great story is a true progenitor. It'll spawn a memorable ad campaign and an op-ed series. It can be used to motivate employees, recruit talent or articulate a corporate growth strategy. We’ve worked in every media but we’re not proprietary about our creations. We’ve collaborated with huge agencies, specialty shops and consultancies to help bring our stories to life in exciting ways. Our most rewarding relationships are with clients that allow us to shape their stories and trust us to collaborate however we can.

The stories we design turn into films, podcasts, books, and even exhibits. We work closely with our clients to craft the best possible story and then find the most effective and dynamic ways to share it with the world.