Bill Gates has a personal vendetta against malaria. In 2014 he created a communication campaign to build awareness around the subject on his personal blog, The week-long campaign consisted of interviews, short films, infographics and photography all under the name Mosquito Week. StoryTK partner Carl De Torres worked with the talented and dedicated staff at Gates Notes to create a micro identity for Mosquito Week that branded the content across the web and social networks. This was an exciting and important project that helped further the conversation about a terrible ailment that afflicts millions of people every year. We were inspired by Mr. Gates' dedication and passion to help eradicate malaria and hope that the work played a small part in helping achieve the goal. 

A simple infographic with a very powerful message

We created this infographic depicting the world's deadliest animals. For all the attention that "Shark Week" commands every year, sharks are benign compared to mosquitoes. Mosquito bites cause more deaths than all other creatures combined. This graphic generated more 100,000 likes and over 10,000 comments on Facebook alone. It was picked up by many major web news channels and played an important role in helping to get the word out about Bill's message.

"I can’t promise that Anopheles gambiae will be quite as exciting as hammerheads and Great Whites. But maybe you’ll come away with a new appreciation for these flying masters of mayhem."

-Bill Gates.