Every big company offering complex products and services has case studies to tell. Too bad those stories often appear in dry white papers and lookalike press releases. We're taking a novel approach to solve this problem for IBM. We're telling stories about the company's clients, employees and partners in a globe-trotting narrative podcast series. Our aim is to inspire listeners to join the movement to change the world. 
     We took the name Wild Ducks from the speeches of former IBM Chairman Thomas Watson, Jr., who liked to say that IBM should always work to hire and keep wild ducks in its organization—wild ducks being the free spirits, the explorers, the creative ones. We choose the stories, follow our Wild Ducks across industries and around the world, write, edit and record the scripts, shoot the photos and video, and create the infographics. We also designed the Wild Ducks logo and website. We're getting great feedback from listenership, including this recent comment from a c-level exec: "The production values are first rate. High-grade journalism in the NPR mold!" 
     IBM is an incredibly diverse, far-reaching organization with tentacles in the planet's most vital and complex systems. It's just not possible to understand or explain the impact of its engagements without on-the-ground reporting and a lot of hard work. These are the lengths that we'll go to for clients. We should add that we're having a great time doing it, too! 

Wild Ducks is more than an audio podcast series. We design and write the content at ibm.com/wildducks, shoot the photos, video and create the infographics and posters that get distributed with each episode. We even did the logo. Listeners can subscribe to the audio feed on iTunes, but the website conveys the stories behind each episode and links clients and prospects to related IBM resources.


Reported, recorded and delivered to your mobile device every month. Here's a few episodes of the Wild Ducks podcast.


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