Pitney Bowes and FutureBrand reached out to StoryTK partner Carl De Torres for a unique project. The brief was to visualize the five pillars of business for a 100 year old company. This image was going to be the flagship visual for use across the entire enterprise. From micro to macro this series of images was going to be used anywhere from printed materials to a 60 foot environmental installation. 
     This offered a unique challenge. On a technical level the series of artworks needed to work at a variety of scales and applications. And on the conceptual level they had organize and then communicate a wide variety of Pitney Bowes offerings and expertise.
     Carl is very collaborative with his clients and looks to find stories within the organization for inspiration. Carl was immediately impressed by the ecosystem of offerings and solutions Pitney Bowes has mastered. He learned how they had influence across nearly all avenues of global business and commerce.
     This wide reach inspired him to create a landscape visualization of Pitney Bowes. Using the five pillars as areas of focus he crafted five key designs. These designs were stand alone images that were design to interlock creating a master landscape of the entire business scape. Today this series of images live independently across a variety of communications collateral as well as a complete unit in various high level creative applications.

Developing an icon system for use across the enter enterprise.
To further integrate the visual system, Carl was asked to develop an icon system for the rebranding. Starting with a distillation of the five main pillars of business Carl created an elegant and simple icon grid that would inform the creation of future iconographic needs as the company continued to rollout its rebranding efforts.