The number 500 is synonymous with one thing: Fortune. A long time staple of the finance and business industry, the Fortune 500 is one of the best selling magazines issues printed every year and a franchise unto itself. In the design world, being awarded the cover is a big deal—the equivalent of a model landing on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Ok. Maybe not quite that. But hear us out.
Published since 1956, past covers have featured designs by Erik Nitsche, Chermayoff & Geismar Associates, and Milton Glaser, to name a few. It's safe to say that the nature of the Fortune 500 cover has change dramatically over 60 years. It's moved from pictorial and explorative executions in the 50's and 60's to be challenging typography. This shift has been fueled a desire to increase brand recognition, boost newsstand sales, and generate editorial impact. To accomplish all of these goals, the cover type needs to be legible and rise above competition on a crowded magazine rack from at least 20 feet away! To make that happen, we've created custom typography that's visually complex and which reads well from long distances. De Torres has had the honor to accept this challenge three different times.