When it comes to fine wine, the First Growths of Bordeaux are the gold standard of excellence. Chateaus Lafite Rothschild, Margaux, Latour, Haut-Brion, and Mouton-Rothschild have been producing at the highest levels for centuries. But Napa Valley has closed the quality gap in just a few decades, and a handful of iconic wineries can now rightfully share the table with the best of Bordeaux. No new-world wine is more deserving that honor than Harlan Estate, the brainchild of a former real estate developer-turned-wine visionary, Bill Harlan.
     Never one to rest on his accomplishments, Harlan followed Harlan Estate with Bond Estates, a series of critically acclaimed vineyard-designate cabernet sauvignons. Then he got really ambitious. Harlan's experience and instinct told him there was oenological treasure to be found somewhere between the styles of Napa and Bordeaux, a “missing shade of red” unlike anything the world has ever tasted. He purchased hundreds of acres of unkempt land on the far edges of Yountville and called it, and his new label, Promontory.
     Harlan commissioned StoryTK partner Jeffrey O’Brien to write a 15,000-word exploration of the vision for Promontory and the obstacles the Harlan Estate team faced in bringing it to fruition. The story wraps the company's engineering and winemaking challenges around Harlan’s incredible life stories, awesome business achievements and long-term vision. Together with an extensive series of audio interviews conducted with Harlan Estate's core team, the piece serves as guidance—a north star document, really—for Harlan’s heirs to follow for decades and centuries to come. 

"This is a 200-year plan," says Bill Harlan. "The next generation will take Promontory to places I can't yet imagine."