Visa is headquartered in Silicon Valley but it hasn't really been part of the Valley conversation. Despite its technology credentials, Visa is largely thought of as a credit card company—which is problematic when trying to recruit top-flight engineers. So Visa executives were keen to show off the architecture and speed of the world's largest payments network. But how?
     After a series of interviews and data center tours, we crafted a surprising narrative to demonstrate how the world-class technology beneath Visa's payments processing network is enabling commerce at every corner of the globe while fostering innovation in remarkable ways.
     We outlined and wrote a script for a film that would show how VisaNet is providing the foundation for the sharing economy, empowering the small business community in Mexico City, and even ushering the entire anachronistic cash-based nation of Myanmar into the 21st century mobile economy.
     Great idea, Visa said. Let’s do it. So we hired a production crew, shot in 6k resolution, and added animation and data visualization. (Did we mention that Morgan Freeman read the voice-over?)
     The film plays on a loop on a custom 23-foot screen at Visa headquarters in Foster City, Calif., where it’s boosting employee morale and helping to recruit engineers who might otherwise question whether working at Visa could ever be challenging or have an impact on the world.  

This 6-minute film chronicles stories of how digital payments are empowering individuals, communities and even entire economies. From the steamy streets of Yangon to the pueblas of Mexico City and the bustle of Chicago, we shot hours of footage to tell this story on a 23-foot screen array at Visa's headquarters.